It has taken months of tweaking each JEETLY garment to achieve the perfect fit for the petite body frame. Although bust, waist and hip measurements are the same as regular female clothing, all other garment measurements have to be altered to fit in petite clothing. We have taken utmost care with every garment by paying attention to the smallest details to get the correct proportions to flatter a petite figure:

we use smaller shoulder pads than standard
we use smaller buttons and narrower cuffs on shirts
we have narrower waistbands than standard dresses
we use shorter sleeve lengths than standard
we use smaller armhole depths than standard
we use a shorter neck to waist length than standard
we use narrower shoulder widths than standard
we use a shallower neck depth than standard
we use shorter dress, shirt and trouser lengths than standard.

The two most common and obvious issues for petite women are shoulder width and length of garments. A woman is classed as petite if she either has narrow shoulders or is 5ft 3in or shorter in height . This is one of the biggest reasons why standard sized clothing doesn't fit us as tops and dresses droop over our shoulders with the neck gaping.

Obviously petite women come in all shapes and sizes so it’s almost impossible to get a magic one-size-fits-all. We have used the average of all petite body measurements to create our own blocks for pattern cutting.

We have created our own grading to take into account that petite women's arms do not increase in length as their size increases. Standard grading assumes that dress lengths, sleeve lengths and shoulder widths increase with size. It has been difficult to find a supplier who would be interested in developing Jeetly's unique grading and sizing blocks because of the extra cost, time and effort involved.