Amazing value for money
I wanted to email to say that I received all the items I bought in the sale today and I am absolutely delighted.  I
cannot believe the value for money.  The fit is just perfect for me and I just felt compelled to email to say, Thanks!


Alison, Scotland
Super customer service
Thanks once again for all your team does. As I wrote on Facebook, buying
clothes through you is the only time I shop without a sense of rejection
for being the size I am. It actually means a lot that Jeetly makes their
clothing so accessible to women around the world and that your customer
service is so prompt and effective.


Nicole, Australia
Refund handled promptly
I am very pleased with the service that I received. I had requested a refund on one of
the items which was handled promptly and also provided me with updates. I look
forward to using Jeetly again in the near future. 
Kind regards,
Asma Khan, London, UK