Why is Jeetly different to other petite brands
Why is Jeetly different to other petite brands


If you are still confused about Jeetly and what is meant by petite clothing, watch the following video to find out the answer to why we are unique in our concept. 


What is Jeetly?

Jeetly is a premium brand of business wear for petite women who are 5ft 3 in tall or under. Our brand ethos is to abide by




Our aim is to give petite women a functional wardrobe of proportioned work wear, focusing on timeless pieces in quality fabrics which move easily from day to night and are interchangeable season to season.


Who is your target market?

Generally speaking, our target market is the petite woman aged between 27 and 37 who is ambitious, bold, self confident & wants to look feminine and directional in her clothing. She is not purely fashion led instead she wants to be unique & looks for investment pieces that will last year after year that mix  and match easily with other items in her wardrobe.


Of course our petite customers range from the young 22 year old buying for her first interview with a big investment bank to the

48 year old GP buying for her presentation at the annual GMC conference.


Why did you launch Jeetly?

The idea stemmed from my personal struggle in finding clothes for work that fit. The very few established petite brands in the UK were catered to a mature customer and their smallest sizes were still wide and unflattering.

I had to spend extra money on alterations to every garment. I wanted fashionable tailored suits, structured dresses that nipped in at the waist and that could be dressed up or down, feminine sharp shirts that would last wash after wash.

Many of my petite colleagues felt the same so I decided to make a change and create a brand of business wear that understands the fit issues of petite women.


What is IN or OUT?

We have introduced a revolutionary concept of virtual buying where our petite customers can choose which Jeetly products get stocked.

Simply put, we showcase the samples we have designed on our website and our customers vote IN if they like the sample or vote OUT if they dislike it. If they feel that changes could be made to the design, be it colour, cut or style, then they can submit their comments and share it with friends and other Jeetly buyers. If their suggestions are most popular and viable to be put into production, we will name the garment after them.

In this way we're handing the design choice and power back to the people that matter – the customers, the women who will buy our clothes.


I want to give petite women a voice in the clothing industry. For too long our clothing choice has been limited and determined by designers and high-street retailers. This is the first time petite women will have control of the styles that go ahead for manufacture and they will finally have a say in a clothing industry which has ignored such a large proportion of female shoppers


It's the era of social commerce where the internet and social media are such a great part of our lives that we all like to engage with like-minded individuals, so the Jeetly community is essentially a global network of petite women in work or business that finally have a say in what work wear should look like.


Your debut collection is small do you have plans to expand your range?

Our debut Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collection consists of only a few key garments. This is intentional. Jeetly’s next collections will be chosen by our petite customers  With IN or OUT we are engaging a global audience so we will cater to a global demand of petite women's needs for work wear, not just a UK audience.


We shape our future according to the petite woman's demands


How do your clothes fit differently to non petite garments?


In many ways.

The two most common and obvious issues for petite women are shoulder width and length of garments. A woman is classed as petite if she either has narrow shoulders or is 5ft 3in or shorter in height . This is one of the biggest reasons why standard sized clothing doesn't fit us as tops and dresses droop over our shoulders with the neck gaping.


It has taken us months of tweaking each JEETLY garment to achieve the perfect fit for the petite body frame.

The two most common and obvious issues for petite women are shoulder width and length of garments

but we pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure proportions flatter a petite figure because we:


Obviously petite women come in all shapes and sizes so it’s almost impossible to get a magic one-size-fits-all. We have used the average of all petite body measurements to create our own blocks for pattern cutting.


Most manufacturers use standard garment grading so dress lengths, sleeve lengths and shoulder widths increase with a woman’s size.

Petite proportions are different so we created our own grading to take into account that petite women’s arms do not increase in length as their size increases – thats just one example.

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