What is 'Spotlight'
What is 'Spotlight'


If you have bought an item of clothing from us, we would love to feature you on our website and social media avenues for free. After all, Jeetly's mission is to democratise the petite fashion industry and create a global petite community supporting petite bloggers and petite women worldwide. 
We are the only petite clothing brand in the world that gives petite women a voice in an industry which has ignored such a  large proportion of female shoppers. As an online store we feel it is of paramount importance to give you as much information necessary to make an informed choice before you make a purchase. This is why we request honest reviews and ratings (good or bad) from all our petite customers to help other petite women understand exactly how a garment fits on their particular body shape and size. 
Jeetly has introduced a new feature on our website: 'Spotlight'. This is a brief style feature, focusing on our customers and petite bloggers because we want to showcase 'real petite women' in work or business. We want our customers to tell us how they styled their Jeetly purchase, to give other women ideas on how to wear that particular item. We invite all Jeetly customers to upload photographs of themselves wearing Jeetly to reflect how the clothes look on real petite women of all shapes and sizes instead of just relying on images of our size 6/8 5'2 models. For those who are camera shy or don't wish to reveal their identity, we request that you provide us with a photo from your neck down so that your face is concealed. Also you can choose not to reveal your work place or name (only supply your initials). Spotlight is all about you so please take the opportunity to advertise your business or blog by giving us your website details and we will publish a link to your website for free. 
Spotlight will feature:
a short interview (Q&A via email)
a photo of you wearing a Jeetly garment taken on a mobile phone or digital camera
a link to your blog or business
We look forward to featuring you on Spotlight. If you are happy to take part, please email us on info@jeetly.com with your answers to all (or as many as possible) of the following questions. Your answer can be as short as a couple of words or as long as a few sentences.
1. What do you do (job title)?
2. What is the best part of your job?
3. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
4. How petite are you (height)?
5. Do you prefer flats or heels?
6. Use three words to describe your style.
7. Which three items of clothing could you not live without in your work wardrobe?
8. What is your favourite Jeetly item?
9.  Who is your favourite petite celebrity?
10. Who is your style icon?
11. What do you read in your spare time if any?
12. Your favourite holiday destination?
13. Have you encountered any disadvantages/frustrations about being petite?
14. Your motto in life?
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