Top 3 Petite Footballer WAGs
Top 3 Petite Footballer WAGs

The life of a petite WAG seems perfect; having a trophy husband who is adored by thousands of women for his talent as a sportsman with his premium salary, all the time and money to look good and live the life of a celebrity.†Marrying a footballer has become highly aspirational for many women. When it comes to the small wags, the petite women of the world can be inspired to know that you don't have to be a leggy tall model for a footballer to take interest, in fact our petite footballer WAGs have other attributes; we're not talking about huge cosmetic enhancements, although what does it hurt to have a few upgrades here and there when you have the money?

Coleen Rooney petite wag

3. Collen Rooney 5 foot 2

Coleen, wife of Wayne Rooney, is one of the busiest WAGs and is reportedly worth £8m. She has a big book deal with Harper Collins for her best selling book 'Welcome to my world', a television series on ITV2, a £1.5m sponsorship deal with Nike, a column in OK magazine,fitness DVD's and a range of perfumes. The 26 year old has known Wayne Rooney since the age of 12 and dated him from the age of 16. Coleen left school with 10 GCSE's including an A in performing arts. They have a son Kai aged 2 and are expecting their second child in May 2013. Coleen's style mimics that of Kim Kardashian with fit and flare mini dresses and A-line shifts, but her strong mind for business makes her a strong candidate for the petite WAG of the year.

Melanie Slade petite wag

2. Melanie Slade 5 foot 2

Melanie is the girlfriend of Theo Walcott and has been dating him since they were 15. This educated petite has 3 A-levels and is a sports physiotherapist. During the world cup in Germany she a had a tight exam schedule and stayed at a different hotel to the rest of the WAGs. She has always put education as a priority and has been quoted saying 'It's important to have something to fall back on. My family have an educational background and I want to follow suit. I want something Iíve earned through my own hard work.' Melanie symbolises that being educated does not make you a boffin in the WAG world. Melanie's style of mini dresses and low cut tops is typical of her age at 21.

Carly Cole petite wag

1. Carly Cole 5 Foot 2

Carly, wife of Joe Cole, was previously a model, now fitness trainer and mother of two children. She became popular in the reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here!' and fronted the Lynx campaign in 2009. Carly and Joe suffered sleepless nights with their daughter Ruby and had to consult a sleep expert before their son Harrison was born in October 2012. We admire Carly's sophisticated style. She has rarely been seen in a short dress and has a tendency to keep away from the sleazy style of dressing. Her favourite look is a shift dress or T-shirt and skinny jeans. Ever since she has been under the radar of the media, Carly has worn the right clothes for a petite woman on the right occasions.†

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