Tips for women on buying your next petite suit for work
Tips for women on buying your next petite suit for work

When it comes to buying an appropriate suit for work it doesn't matter whether you are an unpaid student or a CEO there are absolutely no excuses for looking sharp and professional at work. Your professional wardrobe should depict your personality. Business suits for women are an essential investment and come in all types of styles, it's a matter of finding the right style for you. Remember these tips when buying petite suits for work because making the wrong decision can be very costly both to your pocket and professional credibility.



Make sure its a timeless piece.


The advantage of buying something timeless is that it can be worn whatever the season's trends dictate. Stick to colours that are neutral (not too bright) as this will reflect a more conservative appeal when working in an office or business environment to give you a more respected persona.

Choose a dark colour suit. Navy suits and charcoal are the best way to go as they are safe and versatile to wear with bright colored tops.

Solid colours are easier to accessorise than pinstripes.

Black suits are essential for power dressing  and are great to wear as separates, however they can be too harsh and intense if worn everyday. Look at our blog on 'colours for petite women'.


Maintain durability of your suit


Dry Cleaning


Make sure your suit is durable for regular dry cleaning, although we don't recommend dry cleaning more than once a month as the chemicals used can accelerate wear and tear. Good fabric for suits that last years are wool and Poly Viscose, go for thicker yarns in winter and thinner in summer. A suit with a thicker lining generally lasts longer.








Always hang your suit on a sturdy (preferably wooden) hanger in a closet which has plenty of space between garments to maintain the shape of the suit and prevent wrinkles which in turn reduces the risk of damage from ironing.


Look Professional




There are numerous ways to look professional at work, sticking to neutral solid colours as mentioned above is the obvious place to start.

When it comes to skirts keep them knee length, if you feel uncomfortable about your legs wear tights or choose trousers. Trousers are a staple for every woman’s wardrobe and maintain an authoritative look.

Before your purchase, examine the cut of a suit. Select tailored cuts instead of anything loose fitting but ensure you test the fit for comfort, mimicking your posture at work.

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