The Science of wearing heels
The Science of wearing heels




For decades heels have given women an amazing posture and step, but why do men find this attractive? There are scientific and psychological reasons why women wear heels which we explore here.


Surprisingly, research has been conducted to assess the stance of a woman wearing heels and it was concluded that heels raise and tense the bum as much as 20-30 degrees depending on the size of the heel. The illusion signifies youth since heels are an anti gravity device that arch the back and push the pelvis and chest forward. The resulting posture gives the woman a more youthful and feminine appeal making heads turn.

Tighter calves

The main impact on the lower body is on the calf muscles. When an angle is introduced to the feet, the muscles of the calf tighten because the Achilles tendon is forced to shorten inducing the upper calf muscle to become tight and bulge out slightly. The resulting effect induces thinner legs below the calf and gives the appearance of longer legs. 


Women supposedly have more energy and lift when they walk in heels due to the pressure induced in the middle of the foot making a woman lift off from this pressure point. Her stride will also be more sequenced allowing a good gait. When a woman walks with a perfected stride, her self confidence and energy are raised. 

Sexy Sway 


Walking in heels causes a woman's hips and pelvis to move side to side commonly known as a sashay. Due to the shift in gravity, this sway is her way of becoming balanced as she walks to prevent her from falling. 

Quick pace

With the shift in gravity being thrust forward when a woman wears a heel higher than 3 inches, there is a greater inclination to fall forward. As a woman walks the cycle of her stride is reduced to make her move faster and keep steady. 

Psychology of height

The vast majority of petite women wear heels to look taller. For many, it is solely to reach an equilibrium with their taller counterparts, but for most petites, adding height gives more authority and confidence in the workplace. Petite women rarely wear flats as they feel 'child-like' and don't wish to be 'looked down upon' . Women are considered more attractive if their leg length is 5% longer than their torso according to research in Poland. 


Wearing heels to look taller is only the beginning of what makes a woman look beautiful, for it's not just the way she looks, it’s the way she walks and presents herself that deems her attractive. Heels are just a small tool in the arsenal of women to look sexy. 

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