The 7 best speeches by Famous petite women
The 7 best speeches by Famous petite women
We applaud hard working women in achieving their goals, but when it is in an industry of women mostly 5'7 and over we clap even harder. Our petite celebrities come with high aspirations, attitude and conviction, In our video of 'Best speeches by famous petite women' we highlight our favourite inspirational talks from women 5 foot 3 and under in the movie and music industry, not only do these women look good but they can talk good too. 
1. Kerry Washington - Height 5 foot 3
performing her acceptance speech at the 44th NAACP Image Awards, Kerry is of course well known for her role as Olivia Pope in the American series 'Scandal', In this video Kerry describes the evolution of modern day characters in the movie business and how it shapes your personality and charachter in everyday life. 
2. Lady Gaga - Height 5 foot 1
Gaga talking at the 'Don't ask, Don't tell' rally in Portland America, the policy prevents openly-gay people serving in the US military. She talks about how inspiring the people are at the rally and how she supports their cause. 
3. Reese Witherspoon - Height 5 foot 1
Reese is speaking at the 78th Academy awards in 2006, accepting the Oscar for her role in the movie 'Walk the line' as June Carter. She talks of how important her Grandma's ethics were in shaping the person she is today and how thankful she is to her. 
4. Lucy Lui - Height 5 foot 3
Lucy at the Muse award in 2012 with her acceptance speech. Lucy reflects on how women are depicted in the media and on the way we get lost in pleasing other people.
5. Shakira -  Height 5 foot 2 
Shakira is at the Clinton Global initiative speaking about the poverty that she and her fellow Columbians face and the privelages that most of the western world take for granted, especially education. The need to change and be thankful for what we have and not for what we don't have. 
6. Dolly Parton - Height 5 foot 0
Dolly parton delivers her commencement address at Tennessee University College in 2009. She mentions the need for hard work and taking chances in life, that life is all about taking these chances. 
7. Eva Longoria - Height 5 foot 2 
Eva Longoria talking on behalf of Sister Giant, a movement initiative of representing american women in politics in a non violent political conversation. What Eva mentions to people is to ask yourself your calling and what drives you as an individual. 


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