The 10 Most Stylish Petite Bloggers In The World
The 10 Most Stylish Petite Bloggers In The World

As a clothing brand dedicated to empowering petite (<5’4 tall) women, we have aggregated a large community of petite women worldwide who we interact with on a regular basis. At Jeetly we celebrate women’s strength, dignity, ambition, confidence and leadership. We’re strong believers of bringing classy back in fashion! We wanted to know which petite bloggers align with these principles and have inspired your style so that we can give them the recognition they deserve. We received thousands of responses from more than 10 countries and can now reveal that (in no order of popularity) these women are the world’s ‘10 Most Stylish Petite Fashion Bloggers’ for classy style. And yes they may not look it, but they’re all under 5’4 tall!





wendys lookbook collage petite women nguyen


Wendy is a true creative genius as she puts together sophisticated chic outfits that most of us could never imagine would work. She always adds a daring twist to a classic ensemble whether it’s a leather jacket over lace, fur in spring, clashing colour combos or ruffled layering. Her Youtube videos are insightful and fun to watch from showing you how to create unique outfits combining luxury items with cheap high street finds to 25 ways to style a scarf. Wendy graduated with a degree in psychology and now runs workshops in LA for youths impacted by juvenile justice.

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hallie swanson hallie daily collage blogger petite


Having nabbed a spot on Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, Hallie always gets noticed for her bold street style and effortless mix of florals and prints. Her petite style is elegant and ultra feminine; Hallie shows us how to wear pink with pride. Her favourites include pussy bow blouses with midi hemlines, A-line dresses, fit and flare skirts, a breath of fresh air for those of us looking for sartorial sophistication.

Hallie shares her style evolution as a mum. Previously a TV sports presenter, Hallie began blogging when she and her husband moved from China to LA.

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sheryl luke walk in wonderland collage petite blogger


Sheryl’s urban style is always fun, edgy and chic. She has a love for denim and flawlessly demonstrates how to make jeans and trainers look classy.  Her signature pieces include a classic white tee, black cutout pumps, fitted petite jeans, and knee-high boots. Aside from her amazing collection of sunglasses, Sheryl is a master in layering and styling shades of green and mustard in your wardrobe. Originally from Singapore, Sheryl is yet another LA-based blogger who took on blogging full time after marriage.

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dashing rider fiona petite blogger


Based in Germany, Fiona is an Art historian with a love for classic petite fashion, funky sunglasses and red lipstick. Fairly new to the blogosphere, she has already captured the attention of petites with her polished monochrome ensembles. Mixing designer with high street, her look is minimalist chic with edge. Fiona’s instagram gallery is full of inspiration for an all-black or all-white dress code.

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Jean wang extra petite blogger


Jean has one of the best blogs for petite office style, showing you how to extend your business wardrobe to weekend looks. She creates polished outfit combinations with an emphasis on suits and tailoring, with her take on how to dress like the boss in a corporate world when you are under 5ft tall. From trench coats and tweed blazers, her blog has evolved into smart casuals and holiday wear.  Previously a marketing manager in Boston, Jean now married, works in finance and has been blogging part time since 2009.

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Sydne summer petite blogger sydne style


Sydne’s style is very accessible- she loves tassles and anything fringe, a crisp white shirt and monochromatic dresses. Sydne’s skill at knowing her proportions means she can totally rock a petite maxi dress or flared trousers without drowning her frame.

Sydne is an LA-based stylist turned fashion blogger known for translating red carpet and runway trends for the everyday woman. She has regular appearances on American television as a style expert and has a successful youtube channel emulating petite celebrity looks.

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ERIKA FOX (5’3.5)


retro flame erika fox petite blogger


Erika has a love for Fedora hats, structured blazers and black jeans. An ambitious woman in her 20’s, her style is classy and timeless, influenced by Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo. Whether it’s girly dresses, power suits or leather pants, Erika creates chic outfits for career-focused women. Erika left Ireland to work in marketing for a big NYC fashion brand, but soon gave up her job to become a full time blogger with her sister.

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sandra hagelstam 5 inch and up petite blogger collage


Sandra Hagelstam hails from Finland and lives in London where she studied fashion design. She has an enormous, enviable shoe collection and an uber chic designer wardrobe, Sandra is a big fan of contrasts in terms of color, flow of fabric and textures. This results in interesting ensembles that make her stand out from the crowd. Think messy hair with an evening dress or designer jewelry and stilettos with a casual t-shirt. Her blog (launched in 2010) is full of inspiration for petite fashionistas following luxury trends.

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maria vizuete miamiamine petite blogger collage


Maria is known as the ‘It girl’ for denim street-style, effortlessly combining elaborate blouses with ripped jeans. Her flawless style revolves around layering versatile, chic pieces that work day-to-day. Maria earned a degree in Finance and worked in investment banking before pursuing an acting career in 2011. She is now a full time petite blogger in Minneapolis after amassing a huge social following in 2016.

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ANNIE (5’0)


Annie stylish petite blogger collage


Annie is talented at balancing out cute details—ballet flats, sequins and bows, mixed with sharp basics that don’t get her mistaken for looking like a girl. As a young mum, her style is classic and feminine. She can rock a tutu skirt with a modest turtleneck or a sparkly dress with a menswear-inspired trench.

Prior to blogging in 2010, Annie was running a business with her husband in California.

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