Petite women and heels - 10 Tips to master great heights
Petite women and heels - 10 Tips to master great heights
What's great about being a petite is that you have the ability to look tall or small depending on your mood. With the right shoes the petite woman can get the length she wants by accentuating the illusion of height, we short list 10 styling tips to maximise height with heels. 
strap heels for petite women
  1. Avoid wearing ankle straps if you have short legs. If you choose to wear something that wraps around your leg or ankle, you are going to break the virtual length of the leg. If you choose shoes with thin straps that sit low on the ankle that are nude or skin tone, it will help elongate your legs if you must wear ankle straps. When choosing a toe, opt for a pointed front so that it will add length.

heels petite tall 4 inches

  1. Don’t try to wear heels that are higher than 4 inches if you have shorter legs. Wearing shoes taller than this will cause your calves to flex constantly, appearing less slender. Taller shoes will also force you to stand on your ‘tip-toes’. After a while in these heels, you may feel that the muscles in your feet cannot handle the strain. If you choose to wear shoes higher than this, bring an extra, shorter pair just in case. (Thank me later). Read 'the science of wearing heels' to see the implications in the long term.

thick ankles

  1. If you have thin ankles, consider wearing sandal type heels, if you have thick ankles, wear normal types of heels. Adding wraps and details to your ankles or closing off the majority of your foot cuts off the line that is created in the onlookers mind when they see the outfit from head to toe. If you have thin ankles and you want to make sure your legs don’t get lost in the mix, you could wear sandal or strappy type heels to keep moving the eye downward until it reaches the tip of the foot. If you have thicker ankles, it’s best to wear heels like pumps and d’orsay in order to keep your lines unbroken.

pencil skirt heels petite


  1. Pair stiletto heels with clothing that already elongates your legs like pencil skirts or slim pants. The stiletto will create the illusion of even longer length, making your legs look more slender and attractive.

skinny jeans petite heels

  1. Skinny jeans will hug your legs and they work well with most types of heels. This is especially true of slimmer, less bulky heels. A heel worn with a skinny jean is effective for dressing up an outfit and adding height, since it draws the eye from the foot up towards the head. Dark-wash jeans are suitable for brighter colored heels as they allow the heel to be the accent of the outfit.

black tights heels petite woman

  1. Match your tights to the same color as your heels to make your legs look longer than they are. You can find tights in almost every color so get creative. Don’t relegate yourself to wearing just nudes and earth tones. Mix it up with some fun neon’s or match a pair of red heels to with red tights. Take a look at 'what colours to wear for petite's' for more elaboration.


Nude heels on petite lady

  1. Purchase a pair of nude heels. “Nude” in this sense, refers to the shade that closely blends in with your skin tone. When you choose a shoe that blends in with your skin color, you trick the eyes of onlookers into not being able to tell where the shoe begins and the leg ends. As a result, you add more length onto your leg while making it obvious that your extra length comes from the heels. Make sure you don’t wear a pair of contrasting tights when you wear nude heels, as it will remove the effect. Always a must when dressing at the office for extra sophistication. 


square toed heels

  1. Avoid square or rounded toes; they will only make your legs look shorter. Not only are these shoes unattractive and overly masculine to present a feminine style, they’re often made of unflattering materials that are more suited to a work environment than a night out on the town. Don't wear chunky heels as they only make your feet look smaller.

 heel for petite

  1. Avoid kitten or slip on heels, which give the appearance of wearing a ‘flip flop’ instead of a heel. These shoes are so flat that they just give your whole body a ‘stocky’ appearance that is generally more suited to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, as opposed to a nice, evening outfit. If you choose to wear heels that are short, try to make sure, they are at least 2” in order to give you some lift. Anything shorter than that and you can find a pair of flats that would be much more attractive than a short kitten heel.

chunky heel petite

  1. If you want to show off your legs, it’s best to avoid wearing shoes that are ‘caged’, have a chunky heel, wrap, or have a flat toe. Shoes that call too much attention to themselves can also call attention to the fact that you’re not wearing the proper shoes for your body/leg type. If you’re set on having your outfits and fashion collections look flawless, consider using these tips to make sure your items look finished and put together.


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