Our Guide to Petite Body Types
Our Guide to Petite Body Types

Dressing to suit your body shape is important for women of any size. Being able to identify your body type allows you to choose clothing that will naturally flatter your figure, allowing you to be your most confident self in any style situation. We’ve put together a guide to finding out which body type you are and which styles would suit you best. At Jeetly, we tailor all of our clothing to suit the petite frame, whichever body type you are, you can find the perfect petite fit at Jeetly.




Triangle Shape: AKA The Pear

pear shape petite women body types


To make the most of this body shape, we should look at adding detail above the waist while keeping things really simple and plain below the waist. Because of the smaller bust and wider hip, The Pear would best suit a really attractive shirt or blouse in a bright colour with design flourishes paired with some plain block coloured trousers.


Jeetly Suggests:

Freda Petite Pink Pussybow Blouse

pussy bow blouse pink shirt top for women

Petite Grey Chelsea Trousers

grey suit trousers for petite women



Inverted Triangle: AKA The Strawberry

petite body types how to dress strawberry


Completely inverse to the Triangle/Pear shape, the Strawberry body shape should be flipped. Stay very plain and smooth to skim over the larger bust above the waist with a subtle shirt or blouse, but then really make the most of that smaller petite waist with a stunning skirt.


Jeetly Suggests:

Petite White Anita Shirt

white petite shirt for women

Petite Navy Blue Gina Skirt

blue skirt for women petite


Rectangle Shape: AKA Boy Fit

petite body types for women square rectabgle fitting clothes


The Rectangle shape can be tricky to dress, but sticking to a few basic rules can really enhance your outfit. Details should be kept above the bust, meaning you should choose a shirt or blouse with an unusual neckline and accessorise your outfit. Try and choose an Empire line skirt or dress to skim the body and avoid letting clothes sit on the waist.


Jeetly Suggests:

Chloe Petite Black Peplum Top

black peplum for petite women

Olivia Petite Black Pencil Skirt

black petite pencil skirt for women 5'3 and under


Hourglass Shape: AKA Curvy

petite body types for curvy women


Keeping the details above the waist, you should choose a skirt or a pair of trousers that accentuate the smaller waistline. Below the waistline, choose plain designs to draw the eye upwards. Peplum tops worn over a skirt would be the perfect style for curvy petites.


Jeetly Suggests:

Isobel Petite Blue Sleeveless Dress

blue petite dress for body shape




Diamond Shape: AKA The Apple

petite body types for apple shapes


Take things back to basics if you’re a diamond shape. Details should be above the bust, so invest in some fabulous accessories and go wild with your hairdo. Keep your outfit really simple all the way from the bust to the knees, and try wearing some fancy footwear. Plainer dresses in block colours work best here, avoiding the waistline and skimming over the body.


Jeetly Suggests:

Marie Burgundy Shift Dress

burgundy dress for petite women

Tiffany Petite Tailored Navy Dress

petite navy dress for work


Each body type is beautiful in its own right, but it’s all about choosing the right designs and shapes to best flatter your petite figure. Want to have your say on the styles that best suit you? Take a look at our unique In or Out feature to make sure your voice is heard!


For more information about why our suggestions would be perfect for your body type, check out our style advice about how to dress for your petite body shape




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