Kerry Washingtons Style In Scandal US
Kerry Washingtons Style In Scandal US

Everyone wants to be Olivia Pope. That's not surprising as the lead character in the
hit US drama Scandal commands respect. Olivia, played by the 5'4 Kerry Washington,
is a powerful Washington fixer with an uncanny ability to handle political crisis who
moonlights as a presidential mistress. 

Strategic savvy and heated affairs aside, Olivia is an embodiment of a mega stylish
office queen. Her style is a perfect balance between masculine and feminine, the
fail-safe formula for petite women. Think sharp lines with soft draping, strong
shoulder with frilly detail around the collar, architectural shapes softened with a
slight flare. When it comes to colour, it's out with the typical corporate greys and
navys. Lush creams, whites and camels are the new power players in the office
wardrobe - here's how to dress like Olivia Pope.

Let's not forget that Olivia's every fashion piece is fitted to perfection. Here is
what Kristin's Haag, Scandal's key costumer, has to say about dressing Kerry's small
frame "Will the proportions flatter the body? Too much fabric will overpower anyone.
Garments should fit well. This is the key to really being put together!" We couldn't
agree more. 
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