Jeetly announces 'Social Currency' on In or Out.
Jeetly announces 'Social Currency' on In or Out.

As a company that has created a community for petite women worldwide and as a Brand that lets you decide which garments go into production, we wanted to provide value and reward you - our loyal customers - for your continued interaction with us.  We understand that you are time-poor so we have introduced a cash reward scheme and a simple voting method that is quick to use on any mobile, tablet or PC. We introduced social media logins so you can vote styles IN or OUT while you're logged in on Twitter or Facebook. You will now be rewarded for voting on the In-or-Out platform by being paid £1.00 (or its international currency equivalent) for every interaction, whether you vote products 'In' or 'Out'.


The incentive behind this is so you can:





  1. Build up credit quickly to receive a large discount against a purchase. £1 per vote means the more you vote, the more credit you get paid.

  2. Be fully involved in the design and manufacture process.

  3. Be excited to be part of this new shopping experience.

  4. Make it more worthwhile to interact with Jeetly.

  5. Finally have your say in petite fashion.


                    Get paid to vote jeetly petite social currency


In order for you to accumulate credit towards your purchase, you need to register an account on Credit remains on your account for a period of six months from the date you reach the credit limit.


Jeetly is YOUR Brand! Designed by petites for petites! A first in retail - where the retailer and consumer collaborate to shape petite fashion.

No other petite clothing brand is as customer centric ...


                    Customer centric petite clothing democtratic brand

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