In the Spotlight: Debonita, petite blogger
In the Spotlight: Debonita, petite blogger
debonita blog
Wearing Jeetly Size 8 Chloe Peplum top
1. What do you do ?
I'm a Petite Fashion and Beauty Blogger. I also work for a software company in London.
2. What is the best part of your job? 
The best part of being a blogger is that I can write about things I feel passionately about, attend great fashion shows and take beautiful photos.
3. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy traveling. I love road trips. My last road trip was London to Switzerland via Brussels, Germany and France. 
4. How petite are you? 
5. Do you prefer flats or heels? 
6. Use three words to describe your style. 
Elegant, classy and chic.
7. Which three items of clothing could you not live without in your work wardrobe? 
A peplum top (thanks to Jeetly), formal skirt and trousers.
8. What is your favourite Jeetly item? 
The Chloe black Peplum top.
9. Who is your favourite petite celebrity? 
Sarah Jessica Parker.
10. Who is your style icon? 
Natalie Portman.
11. What do you read in your spare time if any? 
I mostly read other fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogs.
12. Your favourite holiday destination? 
Crete, Greece.
13. Your motto in life? 
Live and Let live!
Debonita is a petite blogger from London, on a quest to find elegantly fashionable petite clothes. Read her review of the Jeetly Peplum top by visiting her blog Elegantly Fashionable
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