In the Spotlight: Claire (Personal Stylist)
In the Spotlight: Claire (Personal Stylist)

Claire Rees in the spotlight Jeetly petite clothing

1. What do you do ?
I am a Personal Stylist who loves to help women look & feel better about themselves. I focus on their correct colours & styles in a very friendly approachable. My desire is to give women an injection of confidence!

2. What is the best part of your job?
Meeting lovely ladies. I find people so interesting, variety is the spice of life!

3. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Spending time with my family (I have 2 young children) & going out for dinner with close friends/the hubby!

4. How petite are you?
I am a tiny bit under 5’!!! However, I like to round it up to exactly 5’!!!

5. Do you prefer flats or heels?
Depends on what I am doing. For the school run - flats as I am always dashing, for going out - heels every time - I need to create some height.

6. Use three words to describe your style.
Classic, colourful, dramatic.

7. Which three items of clothing could you not live without in your work wardrobe?
Dark navy skinny jeans, little black jacket, cobalt blue short sleeved top (for going out) or any bright coloured top!

8. What is your favourite Jeetly item? (from our clothing and IN-or-OUT page)
It has to be the ‘Carmen’ blouse. I love the style & the colour is one of my ‘Wow’ colours!!

9. Who is your favourite petite celebrity?
I don’t have one

10. Who is your style icon?
I don’t have one specific person. However, I love Fearne Cotton & Victoria Beckham, two quite different styles but I love both.

11. What do you read in your spare time if any?
A novel or Instyle!

12. Your favourite holiday destination?
Marbella we have a family house there.

13. Your motto in life?
Treat those as you would like to be treated yourself

14. Have you encountered any disadvantages/frustrations about being petite?
Hundreds!!! I can’t just pick something up from a shop, 9/10 it won’t fit. I have to spend a fortune getting clothes altered & my choices are very limited especially when it comes to trousers.  


Claire is a personal stylist based in Wales. You can find her site at

Her profile of Jeetly can be found here

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