How to look dominant at work as a petite woman
How to look dominant at work as a petite woman


In the workplace, the typical stereotype is that men possess an inherent advantage over women when it comes to display of dominance, due to their taller physique and physical strength. The situation is magnified if you are a short/petite woman. Studies have shown that it is more common for petite women to be undermined at work compared to tall women. What’s more, the US studies have demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between height and salary in the case of both men and women, with taller people earning more than short people.


Are you a petite woman facing the struggle to be taken seriously at work? Well, here's how you can establish a stronger presence in the workplace by following these effective on-the-job strategies:









The Color Power


Powerful women choose to wear colors that are linked with power; so, the following colors can provide a petite woman the boost she needs even without the makeup or high heels she may pick to wear to make herself appear more visible.

The top power colors ideal for petite women include: 


petite woman in black suit

BlackIt is a serious color and shows you mean business. 



charcoal colour clothing dress petite woman

CharcoalIf you are fair complexioned, a very dark gray works better than black!



blue navy suit for petite women


NavyFind a timeless wear-to-work navy hue that suits you best. 



red dress for petite women

RedRed helps you get noticed. Being a strong color, it is a symbol of confidence. 



petite purple dress

PurpleThe color worn only by royal people for decades; therefore, it has a specific caché. 




cobalt blue dress for petite women

Cobalt blueThis color is an attention-grabber as well as a show of loyalty– an aspect every employer appreciates.



Conversely, it is ideal that you avoid wearing colors that look like hues worn by little girls, such as pastel and pink tones unless they are structured pieces that show off your womanly figure. A petite woman does look pretty in pink; still, the girlish association doesn’t help to build status in the workplace. Therefore, save the pretty pink for occasions other than work. 


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