How to dress for an interview as a petite woman
How to dress for an interview as a petite woman

As a petite lady it can be an endless struggle to find tailored pieces when everything needs altering, let alone more costly. It's surprising when petite clothing actually uses less fabric than standard sized clothes yet we pay more because factories charge premiums for making smaller patterns. We are changing that at Jeetly by convincing our suppliers that petites are not a minority and there is a need for petite clothing so we are here for the long term and deserve a better price. Presenting a professional image can be difficult when there is limited choice of workwear in petite proportions, so we aim to solve your woes in finding an outfit to wear for a job interview. 


When you are preparing for an interview, your appearance is extremely important. You only have one chance to make a first impression with a potential employer so be sure to make it a good one. Remember if you feel good you’ll ooze confidence.


Here are our dress for success do’s and don’ts




Keep things simple. Create clean lines and try not to break the flow of your outfit by adding chunky belts and over-doing the accessories. Instead, opt for skinnier belts, simple jewellery and small statement bags.  Remember, less is more!


Opt for tailored dresses. Dresses are perfect for the petite frame; go for knee length as this will help you appear taller. Team with a fitted blazer, a versatile wardrobe staple, this will instantly take an outfit from casual to professional.


Go for suits if dresses aren’t for you . Suits are timeless investment pieces. At Jeetly we offer suits to add style to simpler pieces, elongate your body shape and enhance the professional image.


Wear light makeup and perfume; overpowering make-up and perfume can take the attention away from your professional image.


Maintain manicured nails. No one likes chipped bitten nails. Ensure your nails are well kept as this indicates you take good care of yourself and have high self worth.


Choose the colour of your outfit wisely dependent on the industry you will be working for and opt for colours that flatter your complexion. A bold cobalt blue suit may not be appropriate for a solicitor's role. Read our blog about colour choices for petites.


Dress for the correct work environment. If you’re applying for a job in PR, it may be suitable for you to dress fashionably in the latest plaid trend, whereas a job in banking would require a conservative suit.


Keep your style classic and timeless but don’t be afraid to show some personality with your choice of accessories.


Tie up long hair, that way you won’t be tempted to fiddle with it.





Don’t wear wide trousers, instead opt for high-waisted, slim cut trousers, these will help to elongate your legs.


Don’t wear scruffy shoes ‘you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes’, so make sure your shoes are well polished.


Don’t be obliged to wear high heeled shoes especially if you can’t walk in them, a smaller heel to add a little height would be better.


Avoid busy prints, instead choose simple prints. Larger prints can often overwhelm a petite frame.


Don’t overdo the makeup, the key is to look fresh and healthy   


Don’t think you need to just wear black and dark colours – don’t be afraid to add some injections of colour to liven up your interview


Don’t go casual – overdress no matter what the work environment is, dressing smartly shows you are taking the interview more seriously


Don’t wear clothes which are not the right fit, fitted garments look better on a petite frame. However don’t go too tight choose whatever flatters your figure best.


Don’t wear creased clothes, make sure your clothing is clean and neatly pressed.


By Helen Joynson



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