DIY Alterations Every Petite Woman Should Know Part 1
DIY Alterations Every Petite Woman Should Know Part 1

Jeetly clothing is made with the petite figure in mind, so you should never have to make alterations when you buy from us. If you’re shopping on the high street though, you may need to make some adjustments to your clothing to achieve that petite perfect fit! Here are some of our top tips for DIY alterations…



For the petite woman, skirts can be a twofold problem. Often a skirt can be too long, too large around the waist, or the worst case scenario: both. Try these DIY alterations so you don’t have to compromise on style.


How To: Shorten Your Skirt


1)     Try the skirt on and mark with fabric chalk how short you would like it to be

2)     Lay the skirt flat and cut the seam stitching open

3)     Fold the hem up to your chalk line and pin all the way around

4)     Iron the new hem, removing pins as you go

5)     Sew the new hem all the way around, using small stitching to reduce visibility


How To: Take In Your Skirt


1)     Try the skirt on and hold the waist up where you’d like it to sit

2)     Mark the waistband with fabric chalk

3)     Remove the stitching that attaches the waistband half an inch from the marked line

4)     Flip the skirt inside out and mark a straight line down the skirt

5)     Sew down the line and then trim off excess material

6)     Flip the skirt back the right way and sew the waistband



The hem of your dress can be taken up in the same way as skirts, but trickier alterations may be required to take in the dress and to achieve a slim-fit sleeve and underarm.


How To: Take In Your Dress


1)     Measure around your waist and hips

2)     Measure the front and back of the dress at the waist and hips

3)     Subtract the difference to find out how much of the dress you’ll have to remove

4)     Turn the dress inside out

5)     Calculate what one quarter of the amount you need to remove is, and mark this quarter at each side of the seam

6)     Using a straight stitch, sew wherever seams cross eg. armpit, hips, bust

7)     Leave the excess fabric inside incase you need to let the dress out at any point


How To: Slim The Sleeves


1)     Mark and measure how much you need to take in along the sleeve and under the arm

2)     Turn the dress (this also works on tops!) inside out

3)     Use the same calculation as taking in a dress and mark each side of the seam

4)     Use a straight stitch and sew along this line

5)     Flip back to the right side and iron along the seam




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