Bollywood Actresses You Never Knew Were Petite
Bollywood Actresses You Never Knew Were Petite

Film and television culture has generally led us to expect that for a woman, or anyone for that matter, to look great on the screen, they have to be of above average height. Well, as it turns out, there is an exception to this rule. A good number of top Bollywood actresses happen to be petite, a fact that most people know nothing about. Here are some leading Bollywood actresses you never thought were petite, yet they continue to dominate Indian cinema with their immense talent and star looks. 

1. Preity Zinta 5'3.5” 


Preity Zinta is not a stranger to die-hard fans of Indian cinema, not after gracing the big screen for over a decade. But she is also petite, a fact many people are unaware of despite appreciating her undeniable acting talent. Being petite has not held back her potential in the film industry either. Preity has starred in leading roles in top-grossing films. The science-fiction film, “Koi... Mil Gaya”, is arguably her biggest commercial success. After playing a leading role in the film in 2003, it went on to become the most successful Bollywood film for the year and won several awards including critical acclaim for Preity Zinta. Later leading roles in Indian films consolidated her position in the industry both at home and overseas, which goes to indicate that fortunes in the film industry ride on more than just height. 

2. Kajol 5'3” 



Kajol Devgan, but more popular by her mononymous title, Kajol, is an award-winning Indian actress, despite having a height of just five feet and three inches tall. Kajol actually holds the record for winning the largest number of Best Actress titles at Filmfare. Her talents have not just caused ripples in the film industry but have also made her win the Padma Shri, a fourth highest award issued to civilians in India. Her acting talents emerged early in her life, forcing her to quit school and pursue the craft on a full-time basis. Over the years, her exceptional performance has earned her increasingly important roles, making her a top choice for leading roles in several family dramas. Although her acting jobs have been more sparse in the recent years, her presence in the public limelight for her charity work continue to make her a beloved popular actress in Indian cinema. 

3. Rani Mukherjee 5'2” 



With seven Filmfare Awards to her name, Rani Mukherjee is certainly a force to reckon with in the cutthroat Indian cinema. Despite her achievements, Rani is actually petite, measuring just five foot and two inches tall. Many of her films have been runaway successes, and her great influence in the industry has put her in a position to influence the portrayal of women in Bollywood. She has starred in thrillers, dramas and even romantic comedies, a clear indication that height is not an obstacle in the film industry in general or when it comes to playing specific acting roles. 

4. Kareena Kapoor 5'4” 



Kareena Kapoor, even with her slight 5'4” frame, has managed to establish herself as one of the best-paid actresses in Indian cinema. Both her parents are actors, and her talent is evidenced by her flawless portrayal of various characters over her decade and a half in the Indian film industry. She is the recipient of six Fanfare Awards, among other awards. Although her career had an anti-climax after she starred in a few commercial failures early in her career, she has managed to rise from the setbacks and become a household name by assuming leading roles in top-grossing Indian film productions. Kareena has also launched her own clothing line to indulge the wishes of her legions of fans, who admire her talents as well as her outspoken fashion style Clearly, failing to meet conventional standards of beauty that define the mainstream fashion modeling world is no impediment to achieving success in the field. 

5.Vidya Balan 5'4” 



Another recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award by the Government of India, Vidya Balan's talent and influence on the big screen is a feat few actors get to achieve in their lives. She is considered a pioneer of the Hindi film heroine for taking on strong film roles, her petite nature notwithstanding. In the last one decade, she has achieved massive success in the film industry, and although she has come under attack for her fashion sense in the past, she is currently praised for not trying to conform to conventional fashion standards.



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