7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
  • 7 Petite styling tips
7 Petite styling tips




All women like to look their best in their clothes. For petite women, the two most important issues that help us feel good are to appear leaner and taller. Appearing slimmer and giving the illusion of more height gives us petite ladies more confidence and style.

1.Well-fitted clothing is extremely important to create the illusion of less volume in the waist and shoulder region. Our shift dresses are designed with smaller shoulder widths for the petite frame and a tailored waist to create an hourglass silhouette. All Jeetly garments have a tapered look ranging from our shift dresses to our skirts. Always avoid garments that are too heavy in fabric and loose fitting as this will make small framed women look heavier than they really are.
2.Petite clothing with vertical lines are essential in elongating the body; vertically striped fabric and vertical seam lines also do the trick. Our Grey shift dress (AMANDA) accentuates this from behind the with two vertical seams lengthening the body and petite physique so that onlookers' eyes tend to be drawn to looking up and down rather than side to side.  The same effect is achieved with our pinstripe shirts STELLA and SONIA where the striping is subtle and narrow and are a perfect design for lengthening the petite torso. Thick/wide pin stripes may not be in proportion with a small body frame along with too many stripes which is why our shirts strictly abide to this rule. 
3. Vertical fabric panels as seen in the peplum dress will amplify length when placed at the centre of the dress. The DAVINA dress has a slightly longer peplum with subtle stiffening to give it a lengthening structured look. Pleats on shirts also contribute to giving height especially if they are narrow and near the middle of the garment as found in our ANITA shirt. 
4. Select clothes with a V-line look about them as they create an illusion of length. The VICTORIA dress has a V-neckline to elongate the torso and also keep within mainline trends.
5. Avoid mini skirts and dresses especially for work. Hems of short skirts will fall on the larger part of the thigh and therefore exaggerate shorter legs. All Jeetly dresses fall on or below the knee which gives a professional yet slender appeal making legs look less stumpy.
6. Thin belts make all the difference when wearing a dress. Thick belts will keep the focus on the mid section and create a large horizontal line across the waist shortening us petite women even more. If you do wear a thick belt make sure that isn't contrasting in colour as this will cut the figure in half so either keep the colour consistent or use a narrow belt.
7.Wear garments in one colour and avoid busy prints. Consistency in colour will keep the line uniform and make us look taller but not necessarily monochromatic. Jeetly dresses are all one palette colour to avoid swamping a petite frame.
By Nanami Smith


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7.Wear garment in one colour. Consistency in colour will keep the line uniform but not necessarily monochromatic. Jeetly shift dresses are all one palette colours and seamless in design. 


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