5 Tips For Maternity Dressing As A Petite Woman
5 Tips For Maternity Dressing As A Petite Woman
Being a petite woman, you will most likely notice that good quality maternity clothing in petite sizes is almost impossible to find. Jeetly is working on a petite maternity range so watch this space!! Until then, here is a quick guide on how to dress your petite figure while it continues to change over the nine months of pregnancy.
The last thing you want to do is traipse the shops every few months looking for new clothes. 
So here are our tips for maternity dressing for all you petite ladies to make you feel comfortable, stylish and give you a major confidence boost whilst you adjust to your new figure. 
Being confident in your style choices is important embrace your blossoming baby bump. Don’t hide your excitement by wearing oversized unflattering t-shirts as these only make you look bigger. Garments which hug the contours of your body are much more flattering. A simple wrap dress works well to create a stylish cut with room for growth.  
Maternity wear can be expensive especially since you will only be wearing them for a few months so don’t rush out and buy everything. Try to combine maternity wear with existing pieces from your wardrobe. Layering jackets or cardigans over new items will not only save you money but will also create fresh and exciting looks. Many women feel heat more during pregnancy so wearing layers also enables you to peel a layer of clothing off if you get too hot.
  • A good pair of maternity jeans. Find a pair with expanding panels or an elasticated waist band as this accommodates for the changes in your body shape, if not a pair which sits below your bump would be fine. Slim-cut or skinny are the best silhouettes for petite frames as they hug your curves and create a lengthening illusion. See how to dress your petite body frame for more tips.


  • The same goes for skirts, choose a skirt with expandable elasticated seams, so they grow as you do. Opt for knee-length as this is usually the most flattering length for petites. 


  • When it comes to tops and dresses, choose empire style. The higher waist line will not only elongate your figure but also provide you with that much needed room to accommodate the bump. 


  • Your feet can suffer during pregnancy so leave your stilettos alone ladies as there will be no time for tottering about. Instead invest in a comfy but stylish pair of flats. Slip-on shoes are perfect, no laces or buckles means no bending down struggling to fasten them. If you are worried about height issues opt for shoes with a slightly pointed toe as opposed to round as these will help you appear taller. Read our blog on petite women and heels for what heels look best on petites.


  • Think versatility! A simple black dress is a maternity must have and certainly a good investment piece whether pregnant or not. Choose one with a soft stretch fabric to combine comfort with a flawless fit. 



Add splashes of colour to your maternity wardrobe. Statement bags, colourful blazers, bright chunky knits are all perfect ways to enhance your pregnancy glam and create an envious style statement. Being petite you may have thought twice about choosing colourful statement pieces but now you have the bump to balance things out so go for it! 
Once your bundle of joy has arrived you will constantly have things tugged and pulled at. Go for long necklaces, earrings, bangles, fun nail colours just play around with your look!
By Helen Joynson 
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