5 Petite Fashion items to dominate in Spring/summer 2013
5 Petite Fashion items to dominate in Spring/summer 2013


As the spring season is drawing closer, fashion conscious petites must be all set to shop for the latest petite clothing for their wardrobes. Brands such as Jeetly are also ready to exhibit their latest designer petite fashion clothes. Their innovative and successful feature ‘In and Out’ asks customers to vote for the dresses they want to adorn for the next season. Based on this, we showcase the top 5 trending petite clothes that will inspire the spring/summer market in 2013.







1. Peplum tops:

White petite peplum top Jeetly

A top that will give a classic silhouette and a timeless appeal, monochrome is the hottest trend for 2013. The advantage of the peplum top is the attention it draws to the smaller natural waist of the petite woman.



2. Pussy-bow blouses:

Petite pussy bow blouse Jeetly

This dainty top makes you look more feminine and trendy, this blouse is making a vintage revival in the fashion world. The pussy-bow blouse can be worn for the work place in a crepe satin finish giving it a chic and sophisticated look.


3. Classic pencil skirt: 


Classic petite pencil skirt Jeetly

This is a true workwear classic, giving the statement that the petite lady means business. This can be worn in a number of ways depending on your style preference, initially worn in the 1950's, it has become a perfect timeless wardrobe staple.



4. V-Neck Pencil Dress: 

V-neck blue petite dress Jeetly


Tailored for a close fit, the knee length pencil dress is a must have dress for fall or spring season. The dress flaunts the stylish V-neck design, and will be available in multiple bright colors.


5. Wraps with Front A-Line: 


A-Line petite wrap dress

A wrap front A-line design is perfect for a petite clothing wardrobe in Spring. It is also a dress for every occasion.


Remember these petite fashion tips as you update your wardrobe in spring/summer 2013. If you're not sure whether you fit the criteria of a petite read 'Am I Petite'. 


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