14 work bag essentials
14 work bag essentials
Every woman needs essentials when going to work, a lot can be told from your bag and what you carry. We've put together a list of 14 items that women most definitely need when at work.  Just make sure you can fit everything in and to buy light items, otherwise you'll be down to see your chiropractor in no time. 
work bag essentials for women
1. Touch up makeup - Look fresh for those presentations
2. Fold up flats - Wear when your heels inflict pain
3. Lipstick - Keep those lips looking lush
4. Hand cream - Don't have cracked and dry hands
5. Pen - Make quick notes
6. iPad - Entertainment while travelling 
7. Sunglasses - Protect your eyes from UV, and cover those bags on your eyes
8. Rollerball perfume - Smell nice in the office
9. Business cards - Networking is essential for a career woman
10. Phone charger - Disaster if your phone dies at work 
11. Smart phone - For emergencies and to utilise those thousand apps
12. keys - Need I say more
13. Headphones - Relax with music if you're on the train
14. Purse - Easy to carry cash in 
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