14 advantages of being short (for women)
14 advantages of being short (for women)


Those of us who are shorter than 5'3 in height are considered petite and have most likely moaned once in our lifetime about being short. Whether it be in business, such as a networking event with tall men towering over you that causes loss of self confidence, or in your own home, where you cannot reach your kitchen shelves that causes frustration, we have all wished for that extra centimetre of growth in height. However, being short has several advantages which we've listed here and should never forget! 

young face petite short woman


1. You always look younger than your age.  In your 40's you'll be the envy of all tall women.


dating petite women short advantages


2. Men won't be intimidated by your height, you have more choice for a date. From Danny Devito (5'0) to Shaquille O'Neal (7'1), the choice is endless.

petite woman short small spaces


3. You don't get stuck in small places. You can squeeze though crowds and make it to the front without getting noticed, while your taller friends are left behind standing in awe.


tall women heels petite giant


4. You can wear the highest heels without looking like a giant. Louboutins  here we come!

short woman advantages height

5. You are closer to the ground, less distance to fall.  You have a lower centre of gravity so you are better at balancing and poise, perfect as a ballerina or gymnast.

flexible petite women

6. You are more flexible and agile than tall people. Think Bruce Lee, you should find it easy to duck from flying objects and can show off in yoga classes and even win the limbo competition.


leg room planes petite women short


7. You have more leg room in planes, theatres and cinemas. Who needs first class seating, when we can get comfort at half the price.


man carrying petite woman bag


8. People offer to help you carry things. Shopping trips are so much easier if you keep a tall friend. Delivery guys never expect you to do the lifting, saving you time and energy.


petite women cute


9. You are described as cute and get away with more.  Your partner will always have a soft spot for you and even your boss may let you off for being late too often. Pulling off a puppy face is more convincing than a tall person; you realise this from teenage years.


petite woman sports car short


10. You can fit in the best sports cars without banging your head. Hooray. There are always adjustments to bring the seat higher but limited options for tall women.


kids section for petites women short


11. You can shop in the petites, regulars and kids section of clothing. It's always possible to adjust garments that are too long than those that are too short, so feel the pain of your taller friends.

large bed for petite women


12.  A bed will never be too short for you - one thing less to worry about when you book hotels.


head seminar for petite women


13. You don't have to worry about blocking someone's view in a seminar.  You can shuffle about as much as you wish.

ambitious petite women in business


14. You are likely to be successful because short people are more ambitious than tall people. New Scientist shows that the 'Tinkerbell Syndrome' petite women possess from a young age makes them want to prove themsleves to the world and over compensate for their lack of height with assertiveness and drive to succeed. Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Eva Longoria and Lil Kim are prime examples.

These are just some examples of why you should be proud to be petite.



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