10 problems only petite women understand
10 problems only petite women understand










1. Finding clothes that fit


petite clothing not fitting #petitegirlproblems


The number one problem petite women have! Whether it’s gaping at the shoulders or too long on the arms, the amount of times we have to get alterations to garments is frustrating to say the least. We know women come in all shapes and sizes but this underserved community needs a revolution!


2. Your 11 year old nephew is taller than you

Petite woman smaller nephew #petitegirlproblems

Remember that time when your 3 month old nephew was a cute little ball that sunk into your arms, well now he's 11 and towering over you as if he's your older brother. Just make sure he doesn't start acting like the older brother and show him who's boss.


3. Being called cute all the time

Petite girl looks cute #petitegirlproblems


It's great being called ‘cute’ when you're a girl but once you become a woman, being called ‘cute’ draws parallels to a man being called dainty. You may as well just say that I look like a baby or toddler and pass me my rattle now!


4. Your only view in a concert is someone's head


head in the way at concert #petitegirlproblems


So you've paid above the earth to see Beyonce in concert and all you remember her by is a life-size head. Is it me, or do I always end up behind the person with most hair? The most difficult part of this ordeal is justifying your refund!


5. Too many head pats


Head patting petite women #petitegirlproblems

Image: weheartit.com

Patting on the head is something I see fathers do to a toddler; maybe people are giving me a blessing or are they checking how greasy my hair is? Either way I can't help feeling I have to reciprocate by looking up at them with puppy dog eyes afterwards.


6. You can't reach supermarket shelves


petite woman reaching out supermarket #petitegirlproblems


Big supermarkets spend millions on researching appropriate positioning of products on shelves; what they need to focus on is allocating petites a personal shopper! Muscular, olive-skinned and chiseled-chinned would be my preference please.


7. Bunion problems from over-wearing heels


petite woman bunion heels #petitegirlproblems


There is nothing more beautiful and slender than a woman wearing heels. I wear them even when taking the bins out, but the price we pay is a bony bunion. My advice is to convince your partner that the more expensive the shoes, the better the bunion heals (excuse the pun).


8. Being used as an elbow rest


using head rest on petite woman #petitegirlproblems


The number of times friends and family (tall ones especially) have used my head as a piece of furniture to rest their elbow is amazing. I may need surgery for head-elbow-dent-syndrome due to overuse.


9. Selfies with tall people are awkward


tall and small selfie #petitegirlproblems


Selfies are all the rage but forget about it if there’s a height differential. You may have to call this new trend the 'head and chest selfie'. Time to get the panoramic lens out (vertically of course).


10. Can't see the hood of your car when you drive


car bonnet for petite women #petitegirlproblems


This is a classic excuse to tell your partner when you smash into the huge truck in front. Most petite women never knew that you were supposed to see the bonnet of your car when you drive. This leads me to believe that parking sensors must have been invented for us petite women.



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