DIY Alterations Every Petite Woman Should Know Part 2
DIY Alterations Every Petite Woman Should Know Part 2

In our last post, we showed you how to alter skirts and dresses to suit your petite frame. While Jeetly clothing is created specifically for petite figures, meaning an alteration-free experience, high street shoppers will often be required to make adjustments to their clothing in order to achieve a flattering fit. This time, we’d like to show you how to adjust tops and trousers so you don’t have to compromise on style anywhere in your wardrobe.




Ill-fitting trousers can be a real problem when it comes to trying to look professional in the workplace. Petite women can suffer from trousers that are too baggy, too long or both! We’ve got a few tips for you to try so you don’t have to sacrifice your style!


How To: Hem Your Trousers

Before you begin, make sure you check the care label: If it shows that the fabric contains cotton or rayon, pre-wash your trousers to allow for shrinkage before you hem them. For jeans, pre-wash TWICE before hemming.

1) Undo the stitching on the seam

2) Try your trousers on with the shoes you’re most likely to wear with them

3) Cuff the trouser by folding the trouser fabric up and inwards (inside the leg) to the correct length and pin all the way round the leg.

4) Remove the trousers (carefully!) and turn them inside out

5) Make sure the pins stay in place and sew the new seam. The best sewing technique for hemming garments is a blind hem stitch, which you'll need to look up if you don't already know what it is.

6) Iron the hem to finish and smooth any old fold lines.



How To: Shrink Your Trousers

This one comes with a warning. While slightly shrinking your trousers can help the fabric to appear more fitted on your frame, there’s also a chance that the trousers may be misshapen!

1) Adjust the temperature of your washing machine to hot/ 60 degrees. Wash the trousers on the longest washing cycle available

2) Dry the clothing on a high heat cycle

3) Repeat as necessary





Baggy sleeves can be a petite woman’s worst enemy when it comes to choosing a new blouse or shirt. Often, if the body and shoulders of the top fit perfectly, the sleeves will be too long, too wide and the armholes will be too large. Solve your sleeve problems with these tips.


How To: Slim the Sleeves

1) Measure how much you need to take in (aim for fitted not tight) 

2) Turn the top inside out and lay flat. Mark (with chalk or fabric pen) one continuous line from the sleeve opening/cuff toward the armhole and down from the armhole towards the side seam of the top.  Stitch along this line using a machine or sew by hand.

3) Knot the thread or backstitch (if you are using a machine) to secure.

4) Flip the top back the right way and iron the seams to smooth the area. Try it on for fit.

5) If the fit is correct, turn the top inside out again, trim the excess material. If the fit still needs adjusting, undo the seam and start again with the correct measurement for the seam line.


How To: Shorten Cuffed Sleeves

1) Unpick the stitching on the cuff

2) Measure how much the sleeve needs to be shortened

3) Cut off the excess fabric

4) Sandwich the sleeve between the two sides of the cuff

5) Use a straight stitch to attach the sleeve & cuff


We hope our alteration guidelines are helpful! For petite clothing that fits right every time, check out our Jeetly petite women’s clothing.

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